Manufacturing Capacity

We've been so lucky to build a very loyal local and regional clientele that appreciates our work and keeps our presses rocking year-after-year and season-after-season. We really appreciate those folks who trust us with their printing and enable us to make a living doing what we love.

We manufacture Plastic Tray PVC, PET and HIPS Trays. The types of material we can vacuum form are:

  • PVC Trays (poly vinyl chloride)
  • HIPS Trays (high impact)
  • Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging
  • Biscuit/Cookie Cray
  • Bakery Tray
  • Egg Tray

Pressure Forming Process

Pressure forming is a process where forming grade plastic is molten into required shape using a combination of pressure & vacuum. Usually, the die used in pressure forming is generally female, this makes it concave. Compressed air is the main force used to push material to the back of the heated sheet so as to enable forming of the plastic into the mold.

We have dedicated 3 Semi-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, 2 Hydraulic Die Cutting, specifically to cater to the needs of our large client base which keeps increasing as this is accepted for packaging the world over. We also provide innovative packaging designs to our clients for there domestic & export needs.

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We hold expertise in offering an extensive range of supreme quality HIPS Tray to our valuable customers. The range of HIPS Tray is manufactured using advanced machines. Owing to its market leading price and high quality.


  • Smooth edges
  • High load tolerance
  • Seamless finish

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